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Design Trends 2015 Infographic

Top graphic design trends 2018:

In this current age, things keep changing continuously. And if you don’t keep up with this changing pace, you are going to get left behind. Constant efforts have to be taken towards adopting and implementing and catching up with the wave of change in all aspects of life –, especially business – keeping yourself a notch above is always essential to maintain your position in the market. Let’s have a look at what has changed in the graphic design sector:

Colour gradients are back:

90’s kids? Remember how our presentation slides would be incomplete without the use of gradient colours scales? Well, though we dumped the gradient trend growing up, it has found its way back! Yes – gradients are all set to be seen on websites, logos, headers, presentations and wherever else colour is required to make a statement!

Responsive logos:

This trend took quite a while for everyone to catch up on, but never mind – it’s here, alive and kicking! The shift in the mode of browsing that is the switch from PC’s to smartphones has led to the creation of websites which are compatible with all forms of browsing media. And why should logos be left behind? This is why companies are actually putting in a lot to come up with simple logos that are easily relatable. Some of the biggest brands have cut down their logos and brought them down to the easiest relatable form. And most other brands are following!

Bold colours are in:
While Millennial Pink might have been the colour of the year, the graphic design sector has a different story to tell! They’re in for entirely bright, vibrant, mood-lifting colours! And you as a designer may personally be a fan of pastels and lighter tones, but that’s not what the market wants! The market’s screaming Bold and beautiful and you probably have to be ready with a palette of bold shades to cater to its needs!

Multi-colour schemes for brands:
Brands are no longer going in for monochrome or single coloured logos. A tonne of colour is being added to brands to make them easily recognisable and visually attractive. A lot of old brands too are going in for rebranding – to amp up the cool quotient of their brand. Newer brands are already vibrant and whacky, and the older ones are doing their best to come up with better, colourful versions of their existing brand.

Hope you catch up and keep up with these trends, because hey if you want to stay in business, you got to keep rolling!!

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